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Herbal Virility

Herbal Virility pill like Virility ex is for men, who want to regain the enthusiasm and enhance their lovemaking ability without embarrassing themselves by visiting the doctors. This is completely natural and numerous men are using it worldwide.

The sole purpose of Herbal Virility is to improve the firmness and duration of your penis erection. Because of a damage or breakdown of a critical penis tissue, you may have weak erections and bad performance with your partner.

How does Herbal Virility pills function?

It enhances the flow of blood to the penis. You need to take proper doses under the guidance of a doctor and do a few simple penis exercises. This will aid your penis to retain more blood along with increasing its size and length.

Scientists with over 35 years of experience have developed this product. They have blended exceptional herbal ingredients in this product for enhancing the penis size and boosting sexual performance of men.

Does it have side effects?

There are no side effects of this product, as the ingredients are natural.

What may be the possible increase in size?

You can expect an increase of 3 inches in the size of your penis, if you follow the dosage instructions properly.

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When can I see the change in my penis?

Once you consume the tablets, the rest is assured and you may find considerable amount of change in your penis. Generally, it takes a few weeks for the results to appear in terms of size and shape. You need to continue the program of Herbal Virility for three months.


Between 1-4 weeks: There may be considerable amount of change during this period. You may have erections for longer durations.

Between 4-8 weeks: Size of your penis may start increasing. Here, you can check the difference on your own with and without having an erection.

Between 8-12 weeks: You witness stronger erections. In addition, your energy and stamina in terms of sexuality may enhance drastically.

The following are some of the ingredients of Herbal Virility:

Niacin, yohimbe bark maca (tyber, mujra puama(bark), catuaba(bark), trbulas(aerial), i-arginine (hcl), pumpksin seed and gingerroot.

Herbal Virility pill is concerned with enhancing the amount and the length of blood vessels. It also increases the ligament’s stretch, which further increase penis size by 20 percent. These ligaments if stretched can open path for increased blood flow towards the penis. These ligaments play pivotal role in increasing the additional size of your penis.

These herbal pills help in permanently enhancing the size of your penis. If you find an increase in the size of your penis by consuming these pills, then you can continue the supplements for maintaining the enhanced size of penis.

You can take the case of weightlifters, when they stop picking weights and taking supplements, their muscles decrease. The same is the case is with Herbal Virility. You need to maintain your enhanced penis by regularly consuming the supplements of these natural ingredients-containing pills.

Thus, go ahead and order your Herbal Virility pill to enjoy with your partner to the core.

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